These $300K kitties will be sitting sitting pretty

Open a tin of kitty caviar for these well-healed lap cats. A Bronx widow left $300,000 to her two cats in her will with instructions to treat them purrrrrfectly.

It sounds sort of like the plot to bad 90s family comedy but this is not a drill. Troy and Tiger will  “never be caged” and always be lovingly cared for, according to the will and testament Ellen Frey-Wouters.

The cats currently call Ocala, Fla. home where they indulge in  filet- mignon-flavored Fancy Feast and catnap in faux-fur bedding with silk lining, according to Fox News.

“He deserves it,” said Dahlia Grizzle, Tiger’s caretaker told Fox. “He’s a wonderful cat.”

Frey-Wouters was Netherlands native who worked for the United Nations. She died in 2015 with no human heirs.

“The cats were like her babies,” Grizzle says.

This isn’t the first time a pet owner has suffered from a intra-special identity crisis. Fox points out the Leona Helmsley left $12 million to her Maltese, Trouble. And LLNYC previously reported that Winnie Pooh, a dachshund, went to court over its $100,000 inheritance.