Consume your cannabis in a new way — an ice cold IPA by Lagunitas

Lagunitas is taking getting “cross-faded” to a whole new level.

Their newest IPA, Supercritical, is made with actual marijuana. The terpenes, aromatic compounds of fragrant oils from the cannabis plant, are infused in the brewing process to give it distinctive flavors and aromatics.

Lagunitas partnered with vape cartridge manufacturer CannaCraft to make all beer-loving stoners’ dreams come true, according to Fortune.

Unlike the typical hoppy IPA, Supercritical will taste more earthy, with notes of pine and citrus. Interestingly, hops and pot are from the same family of flowering plants.

Unfortunately, excited smokers won’t obtain any psychedelic feels from this weed-infused beer. The drink itself doesn’t contain any THC.

This beer is currently on limited release exclusively in California, but Lagunitas is definitely looking to spread the word on this unique new flavor and are sending samples to beer critics around the country.