Welcome to the love hotel: A luxury full-sensory romantic experience

Credit: Wu Qingshan

Here’s a travel trend hopeless romantics can get behind: love hotels. Don’t worry, these aren’t the cringe-y pay-per-hour motels you’re picturing! They’re clandestine, luxury lodges designed for some amorous QT with your lover.

Japan has been at the forefront of the trend for decades, according to The Guardian, with an estimated 30,000 love hotels across the country, but more recently China has caught the love bug. Hundreds of these luxury lodges have popped up in recent years, using high-design and a sultry atmosphere to make for a weekend (or however long!) of fun and relaxation in total privacy.

The latest love hotel is the Mylines Hotel in Hangzhou, China. A collaboration between LYCS Architecture and Chun Shui Tang, the largest e-commerce sex toy company in China, this romantic spot is a design study on primal human desires. Each of their 33 rooms thematically falls under one of these six categories: narcissism, long-cherished lust, fantasy, exposure, sadomasochism, and romance.

Pick your poison and see what each of the stylish rooms has in store.

Hu Xianjuan


Throughout the Narcissism rooms, mirrors are an instrumental part of the decor. From the ceiling to the walls, you and your lover will be reflected all over the space. The lustful, red lighting and illuminated icons make for an exciting and self-indulgent energy, designed to focus on yourself…but, together.

Wu Qingshan

Long-Cherished Lust

Distance does make the heart grow fonder, after all. This room is all about replicating the feelings of finally fulfilling that long-awaited love affair you’ve been yearning for. The usual flow of a hotel room, from the bedroom area to the shower, is elongated and made to prolong (and revel in) every experience. The juxtaposition of roughness and refinement that can be found in this kind of mental state is brought to life with the materials used throughout the room, from exposed brick walls to plush furniture.

Xiong Wei


As the name insinuates, Fantasy rooms are for fulfilling your inner most desires, which the space propels forward with a surreal environment. The white ceilings, floors, and walls create an ethereal sanctuary, whereas the glass planes, sunken bed, and otherworldly lighting add an element of mystery.

Xiong Wei

Be transparent with your partner in an Exposure room. These suites are strictly found on the periphery of the building, with floor-to-ceiling windows that put you closest to the outdoor world. Aside from the entryway and bathing areas, the entire room is divided up by one-way glass walls, that allow you and your love to peer outward, but still have total privacy.

Xiong Wei

From rugged surfaces to metal meshwork, this S&M-inspired room feels just like a secret chamber waiting to be explored. What you choose to do with the various sexual props around the room is up to you and your partner.

Xiong Wei

Comfort meets passion in the Romance rooms. The hazy lighting and filmy shades lend themselves to the perfect backdrop for a weekend-long tryst with your love. The room is also stocked with its own bar and a personal theater for laid back but lustful evenings.