10 years later, Pino Luongo is resurrecting Coco Pazzo

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If Anthony Bourdain couldn’t even handle working in Pino Luongo’s restaurant, they must be cooking something pretty spectacular in there.

After a 10 year hiatus, owner Luongo (famous for firing Bourdain after two months in his kitchen) is finally reviving his beloved Italian restaurant, Coco Pazzo.

The new location in Soho is scheduled to open this October, serving up specialties like bistecca alla Fiorentina, seafood stew, salt-crusted whole fish, and souffle, according to NY Eater.

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The new Coco Pazzo will offer a piatto unico in addition to its original favorites. This one-plate meal will be an entree that includes a little of everything, like pasta, salad and beans. Additionally, a fast-casual extension of the restaurant called Coco Pazzo Kitchen will serve lunch items like quick salads, sandwiches and soups. So you can try Luongo’s selections fast-food style, too!

With a temperamental reputation from constantly butting heads with other restauranteurs, we’re hoping Luongo can keep it together long enough for us to try some of his renowned homemade pasta.