Studio 54: Sex, drugs and Trump by the numbers

Mark Fleischman, the former owner of America’s must legendary disco Studio 54, is about to release the most anticipated, gossip-dripping behind-the-scenes tour of the club yet.

We got an early look at the book, titled “Inside Studio 54: The Real Story of Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll,” and here is what yo need to know.

33: The number of times the word champagne appears in the 323 page book.

“Every night, celebrities and stunning women made their way through the crowd, up the stairs to my office to sip champagne and share lines of cocaine using my golden straw or rolled up one-hundred-dollar bills,” Fleischman, who bought Studio 54 when its original owners went to prison for tax evasion, writes.

Speaking of cocaine…the word cocaine appears a whopping 84 times. It even gets its own chapter “Cocaine and Quaaludes.” Quaaludes, by the way, are a subject 27 times in the tell-all.

And all those drugs wouldn’t be any fun at all without a healthy dose of sex — a word that occurs 110 times.

“The Sodom and Gomorrah scene at Studio 54 was made possible thanks to the many nooks and crannies throughout Studio which were perfect for sexual interactions: the backstage area, the basement (for those with access), the Ladies’ Lounge, and the second-floor balcony were very popular,” Fleischman. “There was a small bar up there and Calvin Klein and Halston liked to hang up there with Steve [Rubell]. It wasn’t as crazy as the main bar. The closet near the bar was a favorite secret spot of Steve’s. The legendary Rubber Room was the dark balcony and bar area, seventy-five or so feet above the dance floor at the very top of Studio 54. It was decorated with high-tech industrial black rubber trim and flooring that could be easily washed down. Without fail, every night after all the lunacy, the busboys would find discarded rubbers, poppers, and panties all over the floor—a testimony to the night’s fun and games. Alec Baldwin, who had worked there as a busboy back in the day when he was a struggling young actor, said he finally had to quit Studio 54 because seeing the sexual interplay night after night left him perpetually horny. No problem, there were hundreds of young hot boys waiting to replace him.”

But the real kicker is that the word Trump lands in Fleischman’s book about 10 times — and we’re not talking spades!

The book is currently available for pre-order via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.