The price of beauty: $35K of plastic surgery and a career of showing it off

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New York nightlife icon and Club Kid Amanda Lepore described herself as having “the most expensive body on Earth” in her book Doll Parts.

Being born with male anatomy, Lepore began her entire transformation with a daily consumption of hormones beginning at the age of 15. After many surgeries to obtain her ideal body image, the pop culture princess had spent $35,400, plus a monthly $550 fee for hormones.

Here’s everything she had done to get her very expensive appearance:

Hairline lowering and eyebrow lifting for $2,000

Cheekbone augmentation for $2,400

Rhinoplasty for free, thanks to a doctor she met at a New York nightclub

Lip augmentation for $5,500, including a reduction for $1,500

Augmentation mammoplasty for $5,000 to go from a B cup to a DD cup. Lepore told the Post she doesn’t mind when women or gay men touch her breasts, but she is hesitant to allow a straight man near them before a proper dinner date.

Rib reshaping survery for $1,500

And gender reassignment surgery for a whopping $10,000.

“I sometimes think about getting more stuff done to my body, but not really,” she tells the Post. “Plastic surgery is for when you don’t like things . . . Everything I’ve got already looks so good.”

Plastic truly is fantastic to this beautiful barbie of a woman.