This $95 virtual reality cocktail will get you drunk IRL


Who knew drinking could be so high-tech?

The Baptiste & Bottle restaurant at the Conrad Chicago Hotel hotel is now offering a $95 “virtual reality cocktail.” This basically means you watch a video about the drink with VR goggles while you sip it (or before you sip it because, well, you might miss your mouth).

Called the “Macallan Rare Journey,” the cocktail is made from sherry and scotch. But the drink itself is probably the least exciting part of the experience. According to Vogue, it all starts with a surprising gift: an acorn. That nut is placed into your hand, while the waiter goes and gathers the rest of the items you’ll need. Namely, VR goggles, a box filled with moss, dry ice and caskets of scotch and sherry.

You’re then supposed to put the acorn onto the moss, and pour warm water over the dry ice, which creates a type of fog effect. After that, you put on the VR goggles and start watching the four-minute video about the whiskey being made. Your drink will be ready as soon as you take the goggles off.

How lovely; now if only we could make our hangovers virtual too. [Vogue]