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Emmanuel Macron has racked up a $30K makeup bill since May

French woman may like to pretend they don’t wear any makeup and that their fresh look is au naturale, but French men — or at least one particular French man — does not seem to have any such hang ups.

Emmanuel Macron, the prime minister of France, has just been outed for spending €26,000 (about $30,000) since May on a personal makeup artist, settling two bills with her for €10,000 and €16,000. Presidential aides told the French newspaper Le Pont that the makeup artist was called as “a matter of urgency” and that future bills would be “significantly reduced.”

This aid also admitted that the bill was “high … but less than his predecessor’s.” Perhaps he was referring to François Hollande, who reportedly spent €30,000 on makeup, and €9,895-a-month for his hairdresser (he is, to put it bluntly, balding). Nicolas Sarkozy, in turn, spent a reported €8,000-a-month on his face.

While we’re not advocating for public officials to spend these exorbitant amount on their personal care, we have to say it might not be the worst idea for President Donald Trump to spend a little bit extra to make himself look presentable. Maybe $100?