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Billionaire trying to force his way onto his neighbor Sean MacPherson’s property: LAWSUIT

Billionaire Jon Stryker, the rumored owner of two industrial buildings in the Village, has filed a petition against his neighbor, hotelier Sean MacPherson, in order to gain access to his property and install equipment for a massive renovation project, according to court documents filed today.

Stryker bought the buildings at 85-89 Jane Street (which are former garages) in 2012 for a combined $32 million, and he received approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission to combine them into a giant single family home in October 2016.

According to this petition, however, before he can start the project, he needs access to MacPherson’s property at 783 Washington, so that he can install monitoring devices and protective equipment there. The suit claims that MacPherson has not responded to any of Stryker’s requests over the past three months. Stryker is seeking temporary access to the property for two years.

Stryker’s attorney did not return request for comment, MacPherson could not be reached for comment.

Stryker is the heir to the Stryker Corporation medical supply company, and a philanthropist who concentrates on conservationist and LGBT-rights causes. He is worth approximately $2.7 billion, according to Forbes. He sold his Central Park West apartment in 2014 for $42 million.

MacPherson is a hotelier behind the Waverly Inn, the Bowery and the Ludlow hotels. Together with BD Hotels, he is overseeing the renovations of the iconic Chelsea Hotel. He paid $1.7 million for his home at 783 Washington in 2002, according to city records.