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Burning Man 2017: Free love in $10K outfits

Every year, in the deep desert of Black Rock City, “burners” gather in the highest heat of summer to share a spiritual awakening at the whimsical, free-spirited festival called Burning Man.

From models, celebrities, musicians and actors to investment bankers, realtors, and businessmen, everyone comes together in the sand to create an enormous, shared community focused on one-love and togetherness.

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But all that loving  and sharing doesn’t come cheap. Burners are planning months in advance to score a $1,200 ticket on top of airfare, lodging and accommodations (usually a giant tent or an RV full of recreational drugs, water and maybe some food).

But that’s not where most of the money is going.

Burners are spending tens of thousands of dollars just on their outfits alone — for a festival where most people are naked.

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A Tribeca-based real estate agent told the New York Post she is spending $10,000 on each outfit for her first Burning Man experience. The free-loving community takes competition very seriously when it comes to standing out in your outfits at the festival.

Casual desert attire at this festival includes clip-on rainbow dreadlocks, heavy face jewels, leather harnesses and bedazzled bras for a surefire psychedelic experience in the open sand.