Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera ditches the UES for… Cleveland

Geraldo Rivera, a Fox News personality well known for opening Al Capone’s empty secret vault, is trading in his Upper East Side home and taking his family to Cleveland.

His wife, Erica Levy, born and raised in Cleveland, told LLNYC that she wanted to be closer to her family.

“Midwesterners are friendly, and the transition was so easy. The community is amazing,” Levy said.

After a few drops in the original asking price of $7.2 million, their apartment at 45 East 89th Street in the Carnegie Hill overlooking Central Park has sold for $6.1 million, according to the New York Post.

The couple has officially moved to a new house in Shaker Heights, and are loving every second of their new city, they said. Erica added that her husband plans on working from home part of the time in their at-home TV/radio station, with potential plans for beginning a television series based on “lifestyles in Cleveland.”

“I love New York City, and it’s a hard place to leave,” said Levy, “but it’s not going anywhere. And it’s only an hour flight from Cleveland — which can be quicker than traveling to New Jersey from New York!”