How to show up to the US Open this weekend like a baller

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Procrastination comes at a price, especially when planning to visit the US Open Tennis Tournament this year.

From August 28 through September 10, tennis stars from all around the world will gather in multiple stadiums in Flushing to complete in doubles, singles, mixed and gendered.

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And if you’ve got the cash, you can do the open like a true baller.

Snag a day pass for the front row of Arthur Ashe Stadium, sharing the same up close view as Mike Tyson or opening performer Shania Twain, for around $1,800.

Book a nice hotel in the city (because Flushing hotels are limited and rarely hit five stars) for an easy commute to the event. The Ritz-Carlton Central Park is preparing their staff for a busy weekend, pricing some of their suites upward of $2,700 per night. And somehow, this gorgeous West Village loft on Airbnb hasn’t booked for this weekend yet, so act fast for the perfect place to lounge before and after the tournaments – for $10,000 a night.

And while most celebrities will be opting for normal-people clothes, dodging paparrazi and attempting to simply enjoy viewing the tennis matches from A-list seating, you could dress the part and throw on some L’Etoile Sport duds — a luxury tennis apparel brand with athletic wear costing around $300 a piece. The players will be sure to notice the effort and cash you put into your outfit when they have a second to check out what’s going on courtside. Do not wear jeans. 

It’s not too late to pack up and head to the city for a weekend of celebrity fun, watching all the tennis stars backhand their way to a prize from a $50.4 million pot.