Modern day lingerie: Gender fluid pieces are all the rage at Agent Provocateur

Original founder of Agent Provocateur, Serena Rees, is coming out of lingerie retirement and releasing her newest line of gender fluid intimates in September.

Rees sold the brand over a decade ago, but potential partners have continued to approach her for collaboration opportunities since.

She spent several years monitoring her children and their friends and the way they chose to dress, which inspired her to get back into the business.

“The kids…have such a different view to previous generations on how to dress, how to behave, how to hang out with friends and lovers and in their attitudes toward sex and sexuality,” Rees told the Times.

Her newest project, Les Girls Les Boys, will feature 100 pieces of “bed to street” wear, designed to be worn by both men and women.

The first season of items will cost between $25 and $143 per piece, ranging from bodysuits to sweatpants, available for every body type.

Move aside, heteronormative binary ideals – this lingerie line is bringing a whole new element to sex positivity.