With virtual reality, blind dates are getting even blinder

If your Tinder date suggests you meet inside a video game, what would you say?

Rather than risking a potentially embarrassing meeting with a stranger at a bar, singles on the prowl are meeting in a virtual world of their choosing, and deciding whether or not to take it to the next step — aka meeting in the real world.

Generally, blind dating begins with a setup from a mutual friend, a brief, drunken introduction at a bar, or a swipe right on an iPhone. On Conde Nast Entertainment’s new show, “Virtually Dating,” couples never look each other in the eyes upon their first meeting.

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Here is how it works: both parties are strapped into an intricate, wired suit including a huge face mask, full-arm gloves and a waistband. They are then transported (visually and physically) into an unknown world. Their entire body becomes a pixelated animation that looks creepily like them, and backdrops include everything from a post-apocalyptic world to ancient Egypt, according to the New York Post.

The show can be viewed on Facebook Watch, the social network’s newest video streaming service.

There may not be a stigma to meeting dates online anymore, but we’re not sure how non-judgmental we feel about this method of meeting that special someone.