Springsteen on Broadway might be the next Hamilton – tickets cost $7500

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This June, Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” turned 33 years old. And this Fall, Springsteen will be back to share his national pride with us even more.

“Springsteen on Broadway” was scheduled to begin in October 3 and run through November 26. But, by popular demand, the show has been extended for an extra 10 weeks all the way to early February!

This can only mean one thing for die-hard Springsteen fans – ticket sales are rocketing.

Tickets hit the secondary market quickly after the beginning of sales. Tickets now cost up to $7,500 a piece.

Ticketmaster is warning fans to just wait it out and purchase tickets for the extended show, rather than scurrying to give in to the overpriced secondary market sales.

With an extra 70 days of Springsteen on Broadway, all his biggest fans should have a chance at seeing him on the main stage.