JFK Jr. and Princess Diana once had a secret rendezvous at the Carlyle

Once upon a time in 1995, two of the most famous people in the world (who both went on to suffer tragic and unexpected deaths) Princess Diana and John F. Kennedy Jr. held a meeting at the Carlyle Hotel.

While that sounds a little scandalous, in truth the purpose of the meeting was pretty innocent; JFK Jr. wanted Diana on the cover of his political magazine “George,” and she had agreed to meet with him to discuss it.

The problem? The paparazzi, which followed both of these giants around everywhere they went. And so, the people closest to them had to devise a way for them to meet in secret.

“I remember him saying, ‘There’s no way someone is not going to leak it. There’s going to be paparazzi everywhere,’ ” RoseMarie Terenzio, JFK’s assistant told People. “Someone suggested he go in disguise and I said, ‘That’s ridiculous. You’re not doing that!’ ”

And so, Terenzio came up with an alternative solution: walking in the front door. Apparently, the paparazzi tended to wait at the side entrance of the Carlyle, and so by walking in straight through the main entrance, Diana and JFK were able to avoid being caught.

As for the meeting itself? It took around an hour and a half. Diana ended up declining the opportunity, but JFK Jr. was reportedly very impressed by her anyway. “I do remember him saying, ‘She’s really tall!’ He also said she was very shy. He was surprised how demure she was. I think they had both met Mother Theresa so they spoke about that. And he said how lovely she was,” Terenzio remembers.

George magazine’s creative director, Matt Berman, has a slightly different memory. “The one funny thing he said was, ‘She’s got a great pair of legs.’” [People]