Taylor Swift bathes in $10M worth of diamonds in new video

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America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift has gone from country girl to pop sensation in a few short years, and her recent release of “Look What You Made Me Do” sparked conversation worldwide, as the singer seemed to take on a more dangerous persona.

In the music video, Swift makes all kinds of bold moves, including synchronized choreography with her crew decked out in BDSM gear, and scenes of her stomping on top of a pile of old Taylors.

But the look we’re most interested in is the one she wore in a vintage bathtub filled with diamonds.

It turns out, those diamonds are actually real, and were loaned to the singer by the jeweler Neil Lane. A source told the New York Post that in total, they’re worth over  $10 million.

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Among all the themes of power, anger, coming of age, renewal and dominance in this video, therefore, the essence of it is simply piles and piles of money. [NYP]