Marc Jacobs releases new line of smartwatches

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Now you can track your steps, read your text messages and record your life on your wristwatch in style.

Marc Jacobs released his own line of smartwatches, called the Riley Hybrid, this week.

While most may think Apple when imagining a smartwatch that has similar technological abilities to a smartphone, the American designer is creating an accessory where high-tech meets high fashion. And he’s not the first to do so; Louis Vuitton (where Jacobs used to be creative director) released its own $2,500 smartwatch in July.

“I find technology hugely important to fashion. But I don’t know how to engage with it as much as I wish I did,” Jacobs said in a press release.

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The Riley Hybrid retails at $175 and doesn’t require any charging. Its abilities include goal tracking, notifications, activity tracking, playing music and taking selfies, according to the website.

They come in four styles, and are available for purchase both online and in select boutiques and department stores.

These designer watches are definitely a lot prettier than Fitbits, and considering their relatively inexpensive price, it might be worth a shot to try out this new digital-accessory trend.