Saudi Arabia gave President Trump some pretty fabulous gifts

If you always suspected President Donald Trump wanders around the White House at night in a tiger fur robe, you may very well be correct. The Daily Beast filed a Freedom of Information Act request to learn all of the gifts Trump received when he visited Saudi Arabia in May, and it turns out that not only were there 83 of them, they were pretty elaborate.

They include — in no particular order: “Artwork featuring picture of President Trump,” robes lined in white tiger and cheetah fur, a silver dagger with a mother of pearl sheath, a “large canvas artwork depicting [a] Saudi woman,” quite a few pairs of leather sandals, five cashmere headscarves and also a ton of Roja perfume.

As the Daily Beast points out, this is all rather ironic as Trump shamed Hillary Clinton in one of the debates for accepting money from the Saudis, telling her “These are people that kill women and treat women horribly and yet you take their money.”

Should she have asked for a white tiger fur robe instead? [DB]