United Airlines unleashes members-only secret restaurant at Newark Airport

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After a year of controversial mishaps, United Airlines has decided to bolster its image with an exclusive, members-only experience for all their business class guests.

Newark Airport just opened “Classified,” a secret restaurant meant for United MileagePlus members only, according to the New York Post.

In order to step foot in this restaurant, where dinner mains cost between $29 and $134, members have to show a virtual invitation. Inside guests can watch aircrafts taxiing on the platform from the enormous windows and order breakfast, weekend brunch, lunch or dinner from a table-installed iPad at this secret spot.

Super fancy fliers, or businesspeople taking advantage of a company credit card, can go all out with a huge 42 ounce ribeye for $98.

Other extravagances include a surf and turf experience for $134, a 28-day dry aged porterhouse for $104, and a seafood platter featuring various oysters, clams and crudos for $120.

Still, we’re guessing this addition to the international airport won’t take the spotlight off previous misdemeanors by the airline. [NYP]