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Brooklyn gets a swank new building, but you probably won’t want to live there

This $18,500-a-month Brooklyn rental comes with views of the Manhattan skyline, prepared meals cooked by a professional chef and … daily meetings with therapists.

Yup, the fancy new building is in fact a Phoenix Life Center rehab clinic called Riverwalk and it just opened today at 50 Jay Street in DUMBO, according to the New York Post.

Residents — or rather, patients — will be able to enjoy amenities that those in fancy condo buildings can only dream about, like aromatherapy, an in-house gym, a choice of hard or soft pillows, healthy meals cooked by a chef from the Culinary Institute of America, yoga and art therapy. Patients can even spend some time on the phone (though electronic use is discouraged).

According to a company spokeswoman, many of the patients are 30-somethings who realized recently they have a drug problem.

Unlike a fancy condo building, the good news is Phoenix Life Center takes insurance, so that should help patients cover (at least some) of the exorbitant rent. [NYP]