This Marilyn Monroe-inspired designer pen costs $1K

Montblanc Muses Edition Marilyn Monroe. (Credit: Montblanc)

Marilyn Monroe is being honored as Montblanc’s latest muse in the form of a $920 pen.

The pin-up princess was known for her huge influence on the American film industry, particularly due to her sex appeal and “dumb blonde” image. Montblanc used that influence in their pen, which features a vibrant, lipstick red exterior. It is the first red pen in its “Muses Edition” collection (other muses include Ingrid Bergman, Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo).

The bright red hues in the pen are beautifully paired with its champagne-gold body. The whole thing is said to be modeled after the four-inch heels Marilyn loved to wear, according to Forbes.

Pearls are often associated with the actress, particularly one set that was a gift from one of her husbands, Joe DiMaggio. Thus the clip of the Montblanc pen holds a single pearl – a tribute to their passionate and romantic 274 day love affair and short marriage.

This pen can be purchased from various distributors, and will be a beautiful addition to any collection.