Buy a slice of Princess Diana’s 36-year-old wedding cake & eat it too

You can now buy a slice of history and eat it too, Seinfeld-style.

This piece of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ 36-year-old wedding cake is available to buy at auction for all Diana lovers and collectors worldwide.

At Boston’s RR Auction, prospective buyers can browse a selection of items from the royal wedding in 1981. In addition to this slice of cake, there is a silver locket ($4,500), a necklace ($2,000), and a going-out purse ($15,000).

This middle-aged fruitcake is fully edible, according to Vanity Fair, due to the high amount of alcohol used to preserve it.

One of Princess Diana’s biggest fans purchased a different piece of the cake two years ago, when it was only 34 years old, for $1,350. The bidding for this next piece begins at $1,200.

The auction is reminiscent of the “Seinfeld” episode “The Frogger,” when Elaine accidentally chows down on a slice of cake from King Edward and Wallis Simpson’s wedding. Her stomach isn’t so happy after that snack; hopefully this buyer will have better luck.