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Madison Square Park is soon going to be covered in a carpet of shining white lights

We have a feeling Shake Shack won’t be the only thing attracting tourists and New Yorkers alike to Madison Square Park this Fall.

The park just announced that Austrian artist Erwin Redl will be installing a carpet of white lights in the park for an installation that starts November 10th and runs through April 15th.

Called “Whiteout, the installation will be composed of hundreds of white light bulbs suspended from a grid of poles and cables two feet above the ground. They won’t be completely stuck, but will move gently with the breezes.

“Redl’s project, based on how light can impact a space, will be a beauteous interpretation of the Oval Lawn during the shortest days of the calendar year,” Keats Myer, Executive Director of the Madison Square Park Conservancy said in a statement.

While this all sounds like extreme Instagram fodder, pedestrians will not be able to walk among the lights, so selfie takers will have to settle for standing on the pathways. Not that that’s ever stopped anyone before.