This device can save you from buying a fake bag

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If you’re haggling with a street vendor on Canal Street for a Louis Vuitton bag, you can pretty much guarantee you’re buying a replica.

But if you’re buying a bag at a second hand store, you might be a little less sure. That’s where Entrupy, a New York startup, comes in. The company has invented a gadget that uses a sensor to verify the authenticity of a designer bag.

Entrupy’s handheld device has a microscopic camera that connects to any smartphone. When pointed at a fabric made by certain popular designers, the device detects whether or not it is real. It looks at holographic tags, microprinting and even radio beacons to differentiate between a real and a replica handbag.

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The device is available for business purchase on a monthly or yearly pay plan, anywhere between $99 and $9,590 depending on the volume of authentications. It detects various brands including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Prada.

It might be a good idea to test the authenticity of a designer item before making an investment, especially if purchased through a distributor.

It’s a label-lover’s dream.