Beyonce’s $4K birthday cake supports women, trans rights and small business owners

Super-heroine Beyonce loves giving back — even on her birthday! The singer/Queen of America used her 36th birthday as an occasion for urging fans to donate money to Hurricane Harvey relief. And now, it turns out that even the birthday cake she ordered for the day supports a good cause!

Queen Bey ordered her special treat from Cake Life Bake Shop, a bakery based out of Philadelphia that prides itself in its female and transgender ownership. Co-owners Lily Fischer and Nima Etemadi said they haven’t seen any other trans-owned businesses in Philadelphia just yet.

“It makes sense that we don’t see more; the trans community is small, economically disadvantaged, largely misunderstood, and widely discriminated against, even by our own government,” Etemadi told Philly Mag.

The cake Beyonce ordered was a gorgeous, personalized geode cake adorned with shiny gold frosting and a bright gold crown – a celebratory dessert fit for a queen.

The cake costed the singer at least $3,500, according to the Post. Geode cakes from Cake Life generally begin at that price and can go up depending on size, detail and complexity.