This heart-shaped necklace will actually beat

Whether you’re single or in love, Paul Forrest Hartzband’s latest jewelry collection is perfect for anyone who wants to feel a heartbeat beating close to them all the time.

So how does it work? A set of gears allows the heart shaped part of each pendant to create a mechanical heart beat. All you have to do is wind up the heart, and lock it with a key that is part of the necklace clasp. The mechanical heart beats for approximately eight hours before further winding is required.

The Heart’s Passion collection starts at $19,000 and comes in a variety of options: 18-karat white, yellow, or rose gold, along with a range of precious stones.

One thing that we know for certain? Paul Forrest Hartzband’s heart-shaped necklaces are nothing like your grandma’s jewelry. And we want to buy it in a heartbeat. [Robb Report]