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David Rockefeller’s Westchester estate listed at $22M

Six months after passing, David Rockefeller still has properties hitting the market.

The chairman of Chase Manhattan died this past March at age 101 as the oldest member of the Rockefeller family in history. And naturally his estate was enormous.

First his massive art collection went to Christie’s. Then his Upper East Side townhouse hit the market asking $33 million and his Maine retreat listed for $19 million. But he’s still not done.

Now, Rockefeller’s 75-acre manor in Westchester is getting in on the action with a price tag of  $22 million.

This enormous estate boasts 11 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, a grand staircase and an elevator, a wine vault, hobby rooms, offices, fireplaces and a brick terrace. The property sits on 75 acres of land with views of the Hudson River, a round heated pool, a playhouse, carriage house, three-bedroom gatehouse, six-stall barn, three greenhouses and even an apple orchard providing fresh fruit for the fall.

Rockefeller adored carpets and pattern work it seems, as every room in the house is decorated with print-covered fabric in bright colors on the walls, floors, furniture and curtains.

It may seem easy to get lost on this gigantic piece of land, but rest assured, the horses and the old-fashioned carriages held in the carriage house will help you find your way around this daunting property.