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Elie Tahari’s ex buys UES apartment with “oblique view” of Central Park

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“ANY working woman older than 30 in New York can probably remember her first Tahari suit,” the New York Times wrote in its vows section back in 2000 after designer Elie Tahari announced his marriage Rory Heather Green.

The Time’s went on to report that Tahari was so taken with Rory that he stopped taking his medication. Rory even supplied the blood for the Theory designer’s resulting blood transfusion. So sweet!

“[T]hey fell in love quickly and dramatically. In fact, Mr. Tahari said he was so happy, he stopped taking medication for his diabetes. ”I was like: ‘I’m cured! I’m in love!’ ” he said. As a result, he soon ended up in the hospital, in need of a transfusion. And Ms. Green, whose blood type is compatible with his, gave hers. She said: ”For the first month after the transfusion, he kept saying: ‘This is so weird. It’s like you’re inside me.’ ”

But all good things come to and end and the couple divorced in 2011. Now, Rory is calling a swank two-bedroom on 930 Fifth Avenue home. She paid $2.1 million for her slice of Fifth Avenue.

The sixth-floor co-op, nestled between East 74th Street and East 75th Street, was listed by Corcoran’s Jane Koryn and Eileen Teich, who note that it’s a “perfect pied-à-terre” and that “international buyers [are] welcome.”

The listing also boasts that the four-room apartment has a South facing “oblique view” of Central Park. Loose translation: if you stand at a strange angle and squint, you can see some trees.

According to her Instagram, Rory is a “brand builder and creative strategist.” Her website describes her company as “brand building and creative strategy, an entrepreneurial approach for the new world order.”

We aren’t totally sure what that means, just don’t tell Alex Jones. 

Happy 60th Birthday Mr President 🇺🇸

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Check out the apartment below.