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This just in: Commitment is anathema to the rich

When it comes to dating, it can seem like pretty much everyone in New York City has some sort of clinical fear of commitment diagnosed by their over-priced therapist. But the rich take their fear of being locked down even further and apply it to pretty much everything.

For instance, those lucky few who can afford to buy a house or apartment in Manhattan are choosing to instead sew wild oats with luxury rentals. They just don’t want to get tied down, ya know?

“Flexibility is important to me,” Allan Rothstein, a venture capitalist who rents a loft on Crosby Street for $22,000 a month, told The New York Times. “As a renter, I have the ability to up and leave if I choose.”

Don’t you just love venture capitalists? But he is not alone.

“The benefit of renting at any price point is the flexibility,” said Gary Malin, president of CitiHabitats. “These renters aren’t trying to lock themselves into anything for the long term.”

I guess we’re player hating, but acquiring one or several (permanent) residences was once considered the marker of one’s success. Looks like no, being homeless drifter is the ultimate luxury.  [NYT]