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New documentary shadows super rich falconers in Qatar

Falconry is a big deal among the upper classes in the Middle East (hence why Bentley debuted a car designed to accommodate your falcon and this Saudi prince hired a private plane to transport 80 of his finest birds).

Now, a new documentary, “The Challenge,” offers a peek into this subculture. The film follows a falconer in Qatar, who is bringing his falcons to compete in a tournament.

Though it doesn’t seem to have too much of a plot, the movie is beautifully shot (with cinematography by Yuri Ancarani, Luca Nervegna and Jonathan Ricquebourg), and provides an intimate look at not only the sport, but also how the men who play it live. Jaguars hop into Lamborghinis and tug at their leashes; riders stop their sports cars in the middle of the desert to pray.

It all kind of looks like the rich kids of Instagram, only filmed in a much prettier way.