Clintons rent Amagansett summer home for $100K

 Bill and Hillary Clinton will be spending the waning days of summer in the Hamptons.

The former first couple is renting the Bell Estate at 44 Broadview Road in Amagansett for $100,000. The 7-bedroom, 7.5 bathroom-house is located on a 200-foot-high cliff overlooking Gardiners Bay and Gardiners Island.

Last year, the Clintons spent about double on their summer home.

Hillary Clinton recently signed a lease for a private office in Midtown.

And if they need to borrow a cup of sugar, the Clintons can choose from a few noteworthy neighbors. Harvey Weinstein lives next door to their temporary digs. Alec Baldwin and Steven Spielberg have homes within one mile. [Huffington Post] – Claire Moses