New Yorkers are against the “poor door,” new poll finds

From left: Horse drawn carriage in Central Park, Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Barclays Center

New Yorkers know what they want.

In this case, they want to legalize Airbnb and bring the 2016 Democratic National Convention to Brooklyn. What they don’t like is the “poor door” and outlawing horse drawn carriages in Central Park.

These are the results of the latest poll by Quinnipiac University, which was conducted in late August among 1,021 of New York City’s registered voters.

New Yorkers from the five boroughs also seem to agree that the convention should be held in Brooklyn. With a margin of 54-35 percent, Brooklynites supported bringing the DNC to their own borough.

The poll further found that New Yorkers — both Democrats and Republicans — are against the so-called “poor door” (by a margin of 78-17 percent) and that they support moving homeless families into public housing (by a margin of 75-15 percent).

Those polled also said that the city should not outlaw horse drawn carriages in Central Park.

With a margin of 56-36 percent, New Yorkers believed that Airbnb should be legal in the city. While residents of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens were all in favor, those in the Bronx opposed the idea and in Staten Island they were divided. [Capital NY] – Claire Moses


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