“Smallest house in the world” asks $450k

“The world’s smallest home” in North London

The self-proclaimed “smallest house in the world” has hit the market in London asking $450,000 — which, considering London’s astronomical housing prices, might actually be a bargain.

The one-room, 188-square-foot house is located in the fashionable North London neighborhood of Islington, where prices are currently skyrocketing, according to the New York Daily News.

The tiny apartment includes a shelf, which supports a bed, and is only accessible by climbing over the kitchen counter. It also has a toilet, which sits in the shower.

The realtor describes the property as “unique,” adding: “It’s possibly the smallest house in the world. It’s just been developed and put on the market. It’s a great crash pad for the area.”

House prices in the Islington have increased by 20 percent in the past year. [NYDN]Christopher Cameron

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