The trouble with parquet palaces

Historic, ornate and sophisticated, parquet floors are so passé. Decorative wood floors – if your New York City Versailles is lucky enough to have them – presents a real crisis of taste, according to the New York Times. What will your style-sensitive guests think of your outmoded floors?

“My apartment has outdated, orangy-looking parquet floors. What can I do to make them more presentable?” a troubled New York Times reader asks.

Get out your checkbook because the answer is nothing short of a full renovation.

“If there is enough wood left, you could try sanding away the orange finish and staining your floor ebony,” the Times suggests.

The problem with parquet floors seems to be that tastes have swung towards the “distressed,” factory-cum-multi-million-dollar-loft look.

“Most people nowadays are leaning more toward plank hardwood floor,” Lindsay Krantz, a Citi Habitats broker told the Times. “When they’re looking to buy, a plank hardwood floor is much more appealing to them than parquet.”

Worst comes to worst – your guests are on their way – the Times suggests one further trick: getting a rug. [NYT] Christopher Cameron

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