Against shoeless soirees (and ruling your home with an iron fist)

Your Manhattan abode may be your castle, but that doesn’t mean that you should rule it like a tyrant. And when it comes to a party, realize that both party thrower and partygoer will have to sacrifice, argues BrickUnderground’s Leigh Kamping-Carder.

This is an especially useful wisdom nugget when it comes to the question of allowing guests to wear their street shoes in your home. Some hosts request that guests remove their shoes – especially in the slushy winter months — but this “is no way to welcome us, Kamping-Carder writes. “Shoes aren’t just about style; they’re armor.”

Despite the threat of snow, mud and germs, it’s difficult to have a good time when the shoes go missing. As a host, you should be prepared to mop.

“And for those who must enforce a shoe ban, at least do it right. Warn guests on the invitation. Ask them to bring a clean pair to change into or provide them with slippers (cheap examples abound). Squeeze a bench next to the front door for them to sit on while they de-shoe. And invest in a shoe rack big enough to hold all your guests’ footwear,” Kamping-Carder suggest. [BU]Christopher Cameron

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