Why the world’s royals are flocking to NYC

Starved for the everyday experiences us plebs take for granted, the world’s royalty are swarming New York City in search of anonymity.

Recently, Amedeo d’Aviano, a young analyst at Deloitte, and Lili Rosboch, a freelancer covering arts and lifestyle for Bloomberg News, were married in New York City. It was a rather unremarkable affair, except that it turns out Amedeo d’Aviano and Lili Rosboch are their Imperial and Royal Highnesses, Prince Amedeo and Princess Elisabetta of Belgium, according to Gotham Magazine.

And they aren’t the only royals hiding from the European paparazzi in the Big Apple. Take the UK’s Princess Eugenie, 24, who bolted for New York last summer to work for the Paddle8 auction house in Noho. She’s just one of a small but growing list of young royals that have decided to make their own way in the city, according to Gotham.

“Overseas, in general, and especially in New York, I don’t think my name has had any influence on my work,” Amedeo told a Belgian magazine in 2011. “And I’m subject to the same rules as any of my colleagues in the office. I was so glad to have gotten a job in the middle of the economic crisis!” [Gotham Magazine] Christopher Cameron

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