5 NYC building oddities

New York City’s eclectic mix of architectural styles is part of its charm. But here are five buildings that are true anomalies, via Revaluate.

 No. 5: Extreme cantilever

Gramercy’s 160 East 22nd Street, near Third Avenue, is a 24-hour concierge building with a hell-of-a cantilever.

No. 4: Building outside the box


This unusual residence at 351 Keap Street was built entirely of shipping containers by a  Brooklyn couple.

 No. 3: Half pint

75 ½ Bedford Street in the West Village is just 9.5 feet across at its widest and 2 feet across at its narrowest, making it narrowest house in the city.

No. 2: A disguise


This 1847 Greek Revival townhome at 58 Joralemon Street in Brooklyn Heights is in fact a ventilator and emergency exit for the IRT Lexington Avenue/Eastern Parkway line of the city’s subway system, according to Revaluate.

No. 1: “Art”


Somebody got the bright idea to veil this six-story commercial building at 15 East 47th Street with interconnecting metal rings, creating an especially strange eyesore.  [Revaluate]Christopher Cameron


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