For $200k, a visual record of a residence

The latest luxury for the upper echelons of the 1 percent is a coffee table book memorializing their (multiple) homes.

John Bigelow Taylor, 64, a Manhattan photographer, and his wife, Dianne Dubler, 68, created Kubaba books four years ago to create highly personalized, creative works that provide a visual record of a residence, according to the New York Times.

And having your home memorialized isn’t cheap – an order of 200 books costs about $200,000. So far they’ve had five orders.

“It is, in a way, like the books that the decorator William Haines did,” Suzanne Slesin, publisher and editorial director of Pointed Leaf Press, an art- and design-book publishing company, told the Times. “When he finished a house, he would make a book and present it to the homeowner. Like the wedding album — it is a clever extension of that.” [NYT]Christopher Cameron

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