Security cameras gain popularity among NYC residential properties

Left, 740 Park Ave., a security camera in a New York residence

More and more New York apartment buildings are being equipped with surveillance cameras these days, according to the New York Times.

From small walkups without doormen to luxury condos, security equipment is becoming the norm for the city. Even those residences with cameras are considering upgrading their equipment.

Even in a building such as 740 Park Avenue, home to some of the wealthiest people in the world (such as David Koch and Blackstone Group chief Stephen Schwarzman), which has some of the city’s toughest doormen, is looking to upgrade its surveillance equipment. This is particularly true after a spate of robberies made off with about $250,000 in merchandise from four apartments in the luxury building.

In addition to making residents feel safe, building managers argue that cameras can serve as a deterrent to crime and offer documentary evidence if the deterrent proves ineffective. Cameras can also serve as a management tool, allowing landlords to monitor the habits of doormen.

Security cameras can also help with legal matters (if, say, a pedestrian falls outside of a building and sues the property, the video footage can record the incident). [NYT] – James Comtois

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