From street artist to real estate mogul

Wealthy real estate moguls often dabble in art. After all, the investments aren’t that different: both a trophy penthouse and a Picasso are investment vehicles that can be showed off, while accumulating value.

But it is unusual to find an artist that actively invests in real estate. Still, that is just what street artist Mr. Brainwash is doing.

Mr. Brainwash, whose real name is Thierry Guetta, is an active investor in Los Angeles real estate, according to the New York Observer.

In September 2014, Gothamist reported that Guetta was planning to move to New York and “take over a building in Soho, a full building of seven floors.”

And although Guetta would not comment on his investment practices, another street artist told the Observer: “Thierry is like a billionaire, a very wealthy guy….whose family bought a bunch of buildings up and down Melrose and some other really prime real estate in Los Angeles.” [NYO] Christopher Cameron

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