5 home robots to easy domestic drudgery

For years, analysts have been promising a home-robotics revolution. And while we are still waiting for their visions to be realized, here are five robots designed to easy domestic drudger available today via the New York Times.

Neato Botvac: Robotic vacuums have been on the market for years and constitute the biggest consumer-robotics category in the marketplace. But they’re getting better. The Neato Botvac ($480 to $600) requires less cleaning than previous robotic vacuums, and features a low profile that helps it sneak under furniture.

Grillbot: Cleaning a grill can be a nasty job but for $130 the Grillbot, which works like a miniature Roomba, will do the work.

Soloshot2: The Soloshot2 is a $400 system made up of a robotic camera harness and a separate sensor that attaches to whatever you want to film. The harness directs the camera in the direction of the sensor. It has a range of 2,000 feet and a battery life of eight hours.

Litter-Robot: Nobody likes changing cat litter. But the Litter-Robot knows when your cat has visited, and afterward the unit rotates like a giant cement mixer, to sift and deposit clumps into a waste tray.

Robotis: A more classic humanoid robot, Robotis-OP humanoid robot carries a $12,000 price tag. But this year the company released a miniature version of that device that remains a technological wonder. The $500 Mini is programmable and responds to touch, gesture and voice commands. [NYT] Christopher Cameron

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