Get smart: 5 innovations for a high-tech home

Considering how far technology has come over the last decade, most homes remain surprisingly low-tech. These five simple innovations can make everyday life a little more convenient.

Digital door locks

“Smartphone-operated door locks from companies like August and Kwikset are great,” Wendy Raizin, a Florida-based interior designer, told Dwell. “No more leaving a spare key under the mat, and if your hands are full, the device recognizes your phone and unlocks the door for you.”

Centralized technology management system

An entry level Iris home technology management system costs under $200 and can be expanded, according to Dwell. Iris allows security system management, door locking, and light on-off control all from a mobile device.


Dropcam is a video monitoring and security camera system that can send alerts and records to the cloud for remote viewing.

Sonos home audio


“A Sonos home audio setup can be as simple or elaborate as the user chooses. A separate box controls up to 32 different sound zones within the home,” Raizin said. “They can play different music, or sections can be grouped together when necessary.”

Fridge with Wi-Fi

Refrigerators and smart thermometers with Wi-Fi can monitor temperatures and send alerts directly to a smartphone. [Dwell]Christopher Cameron

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