3 stellar designer wine cellars

Forget “The Casks of Amontillado,” these designer wine “cellars” aren’t your average dimly lit grottos.

1. This dining room, designed by Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars, puts the wine on display at a private home in Princeton, N.J., and accommodates 1,500 bottles, according to the New York Post. The racks are made from from 200-year-old chestnut wood sourced from Pennsylvania and the glass is soundproof.

2. This 1,200-bottle cellar in a California home is paneled in walnut and features modern stainless-steel pegs. LED backlighting makes the bottles glow. It was designed by Heritage Vine.

3. This ten-foot-high custom-built storage facility holds 1,100 bottles at NYC’s recently reopened landmarked Knickerbocker hotel. This wine wall is by Genuwine Cellars. [NYP]Christopher Cameron

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