Start-up promises art world street cred for just $2,500 a year

The Cultivist Art

Is your dream to glide into a gallery party in a Zero + Maria Cornejo gown, grab a champagne flute off a bored gallerina and casually make some insight about Tracey Emin that makes all the other guests gasp at your brilliance? Now, your dream can come true! A new start-up, the Cultivist, charges members $2,500 a year to make “your journey through art effortless and enriching.” As a member, some of the benefits include free entry to 100 museums around the world (without waiting in line, because ew), access to a number of international art fairs, and the insider scoop on the “latest developments and trends in art, especially those that most inspire you.” We always wanted someone to tell us what inspires us!

As grand as the Cultivist sounds though, this article in Bloomberg smartly points out that the best way to buy entry into the art world  is still just to buy some art.

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