Triple Crown’s victorious jockey now calls the 21 Club home

06/04/15 Features, 21 Club, Manhattan. NY Post Brian Zak
06/04/15 Features, 21 Club, Manhattan. NY Post Brian Zak

Though Victor Espinoza is donating a portion of his winnings from the Belmont Stakes to the cancer research center, City of Hope, he’s still coming home with a pretty hefty prize. The 21 Club announced yesterday that it will be adding an Espinoza statue to the famed balcony above its entrance, where there are currently 33 statues of other jockeys, Page Six reported.

According to the restaurant, the first jockey was donated by “sportsman, entrepreneur and long-time patron, Jay van Urk” in the early 1930s and since then other American royalty families (like the Vanderbilts) have donated similar figurines. The club takes its horse racing reputation quite seriously, featuring a special cocktail for the Belmont stakes (Knob Creek Belmont Jewels — bourbon, lemonade and pomegranate juice cocktails) and even bringing out television sets for each of the Triple Crown races so that patrons can watch them.

The 21 Club is known for its celebrity regulars and over the years has hosted notables like Harrison Ford, Laura Bush, Regis Philbin, Ricky Gervais, George Clooney and even Gordon Gekko. –Isabel Schwab

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