At $85M, the former Andy Warhol estate is Montauk’s most expensive listing


Looking for a place to hide from the throngs of hipsters in Montauk? A storied estate has hit the market that will put a comfortable 30-acre buffer between yourself and them. Named Eothen, the property was formerly owned by Andy Warhol and filmmaker Paul Morrissey (who paid $225,000 for it in 1971) and is now selling for the incredible price of $85 million, according to Curbed. That makes Eothen, by far, Montauk’s most expensive listing, and it proves just how narrow the price gap between Montauk and the rest of the Hamptons has become. 

If you remember, the property sat on the market from 2001-2007 before it finally sold to J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler for $27 million. Talk about appreciating in value!

Built in the early 1930s by the Church family (i.e. the makers of Arm & Hammer baking soda), Eothen features a 24-acre equestrian facility with 29 stalls and 6 individual cottages that were restored by the architect Thierry Despont. Even better, it has hosted all sorts of exciting guests like Jackie Onassis, the Rolling Stones and John Lennon. Safe to say, if you buy this place, you’ll have all sorts of people begging for an invite too. Perhaps even your neighbors, Robert DeNiro, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ralph Lauren.

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