Frank Sinatra’s little black book fetches big price

Frank Sinatra and his address book
Frank Sinatra and his address book

Frank Sinatra’s little black book (i.e. his address book) just sold at auction for $8,960 according to the New York Post. Apparently, someone really wants to get in touch with Sydney Poitier.

This year marks what would have been the singer’s hundredth birthday, and there have been a gaggle of  celebrations honoring his legacy. The New York Public Library of Performing Arts at Lincoln Center has a special exhibit on the singer, which includes “never-before-seen photos, family mementos, rare correspondence, personal items, artwork, and, of course, music.” HBO produced a documentary about him in April, and this past weekend, in Sinatra’s birthplace, Hoboken, New Jersey, there was even a pop-up Sinatra concert and a Sinatra Idol contest.

Frankie’s address book reportedly includes contact info for a lot of people who are now dead, like John Wayne, former U.S. ambassador Charles H. Price II, and agent Lew Wasserman. There’s also a fortune cookie that reads: “Beware of friends who are false and deceitful.” Information the book does not include? Whether Frankie really is Ronan Farrow’s father.

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