A luxury vacation service is bringing the sharing economy to the 1 percent

Joe Poulin and Luxury Retreat listings
Joe Poulin and Luxury Retreat listings

Ever wish it was easier to flee Manhattan for your private, $30,000 a night island? Well thanks to a rapidly expanding start-up — an Airbnb for the 1 percent — booking an ultra-luxury getaway is as simple as clicking a button.

Luxury Retreats, which just received $11 million in Series B funding, rents out secondary properties around the world. While the homes aren’t exactly creative (there aren’t any tree houses, sadly), they offer pretty much everything you could ever dream of in terms of luxury, like private tennis courts and baseball diamonds, saunas and steam rooms, and even private chefs. Each property comes with a 24-7 concierge service, which will work with you months before your trip to plan the perfect vacation.

“We take this approach that no matter where you go in the world, you’ve got this set of eyes that’s making sure each step of your vacation is being executed as well as possible,” Joe Poulin, the CEO and founder of Luxury Retreats, told Luxury Listings.

This concierge can do everything from stocking the kitchen with your favorite types of food, to building (and then deconstructing) an entire synagogue for an event in Mexico. “The idea for us is to engage as much as we can and just really provide a great experience,” Poulin said.

Of course, such living ain’t cheap, and Poulin says the majority of their business comes from those homes that rent for $1,500-2,500/night. Popular destinations include the Caribbean, Tuscany, and Hawaii. And if a staycation is what you need, the company even offers five listings surrounding Central Park.

Luxury Retreats has about 2,800 properties in 90 locations right now, and is trying to expand its US presence, particularly in LA. But if you’re hoping to make some extra cash renting out your aunt’s woodsy shack to them, be warned: the company is extremely selective and Poulin notes that only about 10 percent of the properties they inspect make it through.

Thankfully, Donna Karen’s did. We always wanted to live like a 90’s fashion queen.

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