This co-op board on the UWS hates dogs


170 West End Avenue

Your dog may be allowed at outdoor cafes now, but with a few exceptions, it probably is not welcome at 170 West End Avenue. The co-op board in that building, one of the luxury Lincoln Towers near Lincoln Center, has instituted a new policy of genetically policing which types of dogs residents are and are not allowed to own, DNA Info reports. One angry resident called the policy “dog racism.”

And while it isn’t unusual for a building to ban certain breeds, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of logic to the breeds that are forbidden — though the board says it targeted ones that have a “tendency towards aggressiveness.” This explains why German Shepherds and Pit Bulls are on the list (though that’s not really fair to the dogs), but what in the name of Snoopy are Basset Hounds and itty bitty Shih Tzus doing on that list?

Residents must have a veterinarian write a letter that details what breed a dog is, and if a dog has more than 50 percent of a forbidden breed, it is not allowed.

Don’t know the breed of your dog? No problem: the board will also be performing DNA tests to figure it out. Next they’ll want to interview your child. 

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